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Mulberry is a popular home plant in Taiwan‭. ‬
In those narrow alleys‭, ‬mulberry pots are always seen‭, ‬planted by the first floor tenants‭. ‬Its commonness makes it unnoticeable as well‭, ‬but not featureless‭.‬
There was once that I wanted to craft a leaf-shaped pendant‭, ‬then I wandered around the vicinity of my house looking for real leaves in nice shape for references‭. ‬Soon I found beautiful leaves I needed‭, ‬in my neighborhood and asked for several pieces‭. ‬That was when I know the‭ ‬name of this plant‭. ‬

Pendant height 3.5cm‭, ‬width 2‭.‬5cm‭. ‬
Necklace length 18‭ ‬inch‭. ‬
Pendant‭ ‬is‭ ‬totally handcrafted of pure 925‭ ‬sterling silver,‭ ‬
And‭ ‬suede‭ ‬necklace‭.‬‭ ‬

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