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Late-night hour is my furry kids‭' ‬Olympics show time‭!‬
The Chinese elderly loves saying that the night-owls are‭ ‬“Night cats”‭.‬
How can normal people be such energetic as‭ ‬“Night cats”‭ ‬in the mid-night‭? ‬
Looking at my two kids running and jumping freely‭, ‬brings me back to the‭ ‬childhood filled with joyful memories of playing with friends in the yards‭.‬
I like to see them enjoying themselves‭, ‬
although sometimes that makes me worry about my neighbors may complain‭,‬
So‭, ‬my good boy‭, ‬please behave yourselves a little more‭, ‬
Let me put you figure into sparkling silver‭, ‬and bloom your wayward light forever‭. ‬

Pendant width 2.5cm‭ (‬from head to tail‭). ‬
Necklace length 18‭ ‬inch‭. ‬
Both pendant and necklace are totally handcrafted of pure 925‭ ‬sterling silver‭.‬


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