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Many years‭ ‬ago‭, ‬I fell over heavily while walking on the way home‭, ‬a sound of‭ ‬“SNAP”‭ ‬burst out‭. ‬My body was racked with pain and I could‭ ‬hardly make a slight move‭.‬
After the moment of agitation‭, ‬I tried to stand up and managed to hobble‭ ‬home slowly‭. ‬Fortunately‭, ‬it was not a long way‭. ‬
I have thought that‭ "‬SNAP‭" ‬came from the fracture of bone‭, ‬but god bless the correct answer was muscle strain after physical‭ ‬examination‭. ‬Though the injury sounds slighter than expected‭, ‬but I still took nearly two weeks to recover‭.‬
‭"‬Have you ever heard the sound of bones‭? "‬
However‭, ‬I think that‭ ‬“SNAP”‭ ‬must be the noise made‭ ‬by my bones‭, ‬for complaining for my clumsiness‭. ‬

Pendant height 3.5cm‭. ‬
Necklace length 18‭ ‬inch‭. ‬
Both pendant and necklace are totally handcrafted of pure 925‭ ‬sterling silver‭. ‬

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